Visit the Shediac Public Library Today
To Check Out the New Adult Literacy Collection

Adult learners and literacy tutors will now have a wider choice of titles when they visit the Shediac Public Library to find materials created for adults who are learning to read or want to improve their writing and reading skills.   

New books, audio books, CDs and DVDs for adult learners have been added to the Shediac Public Library.  The collection includes classic stories originally written by well known authors, and modern stories featuring local or modern themes that appeal to adults.  The non-fiction titles offer information about various topics, such as banking, budgeting, arithmetic, and other life skills that are of interest to the community of adult learners. 

The books have been produced by provincial, national and international organizations and publishers who specialize in adult learning.

In order to increase the visibility of the collection and hopefully make items easily identifiable to adult learners, a spine label has been created and added to all items in the collection. The label displays the International Literacy Symbol.

Literacy Logo

Adult Literacy Collection materials can be searched in the online catalogue, Vision (  Using the keyword “literacy”, will yield English and bilingual results.  Searching for the French keyword “alphabétisation” will yield French and bilingual results.  To ease this search even further, the International Literacy Symbol has been added to the Find it Fast! section of Vision.  The symbol will be a link to the results found by performing the above searches.

Library Manager Gabrielle LeBlanc is focused on promoting this new collection to ensure that everyone in the community who could use these materials knows about the new collection.   “The availability of these materials,” she said, “will definitely aid in helping to further their personal goals of lifelong learning.”     

Other public libraries across New Brunswick are also promoting new collections of adult learner materials.  The increase of materials for the adult learners collection is due to a $100,000.00 donation made to the New Brunswick Public Libraries Foundation by the Community Adult Learning Network, a branch of the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.   

The grant was allocated equally amongst the five library regions to purchase new adult literacy materials for each of their public libraries and bookmobile. Users now have access to over 15,000 items.

Former Regional Director Claude Potvin of the Albert Westmorland Kent Library Region said that the opportunity to purchase new materials in this area was “much appreciated” by staff and Library Boards.  “The Library is where community learning happens, so new materials for our adult readers will help them enhance their reading skills.”


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